here's a list of what I've been reading:
May 2006
April 2006
March 2006

So far, my vote for best book I've read this year goes to The Carpet Makers by Andreas Esbach. Simply stunning. I think I shall re-read it so that I can write a better review.


books matter a great deal in my life. They kept me sane as a child, and have always offered an escape as well as new information. I feel the same awe and reverence when I walk into a library that many people feel in a church. Information, opportunity, knowledge and escape. So much available to anyone and everyone who can read. And perhaps with this awe of information, is also the awe that we have a country, culture, society where we are lucky/educated/free enough to take them forgranted.

it's entirely possible that libraries will have to fight to discover new identities as information becomes more and more available over the web, but I don't think that will change the sense of holiness that overcomes me when I walk into major libraries...there is so much to find, if only one has the will and time. And of course, there is the simple pleasure of picking up a book, curling up on a couch or in bed and disappearing into imagination - whether it is the history of ancient Rome or futuristic science fiction - it can be found in paper covers.

i hope to keep track of what I read and own here, in some way that is useful to me, and perhaps even to someone else out there. My "readinglists" will probably include commentary about the books I read, mini-book reviews, if the mood strikes me.