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Spicy Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

It’s the time of year (or perhaps the end of the time of year) when zucchini is so abundant that people leave it in bags on your porch, hoping you won’t know who to blame. This has not happened to … Continue reading

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Speeding Up Our Food

Luis pointed me towards a fascinating piece over at Edible Geography called Fueling Mexico City: A Grain Revolution.  Along with the fascinating bits of history and culture from a part of the world I’m less familiar with, some parts rang … Continue reading

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Carrot Orange Soup

Across the country, farmers’ markets have their own individual and regional flair, personalities.  Some are more produce based, others have lots of value added goods and they all vary in their seasonality and product selection.  One of the major differences … Continue reading

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Mmmmmm, Pie

I took a pie making class this evening. Each student went home with an adorable mini-pie (I’m so proud of mine!) and a belly full of a generous slice of (a larger) apple pie. It was lots of fun and … Continue reading

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Thai Rice Salad

I love Thai food. I may even go so far as to say that the flavors in Thai cuisine rank among my favorite combinations. Despite this, my Thai repertoire is relatively limited at home. I have finally mastered a red … Continue reading

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Mmmm, Chocolate

I am now going to join the slew of other SF bloggers writing about the SF Chocolate Salon.  I don’t have pretty pics, or even anything terribly deep to say, but I want to share my best find of the … Continue reading

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French Toast Waffles

On weekend mornings I often make french toast, pancaked, muffins, scones or waffles. Which I make depends on what mood I’m in, how many eggs I have or if there is buttermilk or cream in the house. Muffins are most … Continue reading

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Meeting My New City

As I did in New York, I’ve made finding farmers’ markets a way to learn the transit systems and lay of the city.  On Wednesday, this gave me the chance to spend some time outside in the gorgeous (springtime!?!) sunshine, … Continue reading

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Indian taste adventures

I loving cooking Indian food during the winter.  The potatoes and onions and cabbages that winter over so well need some exciting spices else they get a bit repetative by the end of March.  On this menu: chana masala (a … Continue reading

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Winter Salad

Spring has nearly sprung, so I’m getting in my last few winter posts that have been waiting to be shared.  This one’s from December. When fall rolls around bringing with it the fresh crop of apples, one of my favorite … Continue reading

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