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Spanish wine – in abundance

This evening I had the privaledge of attending a wine tasting. Something I always appreciate. It was a Spanish wine tasting – very enticing. I have often found Spanish wine a bit dry and often tannic (with the exception of … Continue reading

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Tom Yum Soup

I’ve been fighting off a cold of late, but I’m feeling a bit better. Well enough to want to cook and also to want something warm. My favorite Thai soup is Tom Yum. It comes in many different incarnations with … Continue reading

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It may look like the control panel of some 1950s space-ship, but in NYC reality, it’s how I voted. It did provided a satisfying “kkerrrrr-chunk!” when I pulled the lever (not shown) to cast the votes I had just thrown … Continue reading

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Fall Food Fun – Quinoa Stuffed Carnival Squash

There is something irresitable about the lovely colors of fall squash. Bright greens and oranges, smooth tans, variegated or monochrome, I am always pulled to pick one up, even if I have other plans for dinner. Luckily, squash waits patiently, … Continue reading

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Chihuly in New York

This past weekend Luis and I met up with friends Peter and Lizzie, and Lizzie’s wonderful mother, and caught the last day of Dale Chihuly‘s glass installations in the New York Botanical Gardens. We had previsouly seen his installation in … Continue reading

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