Some of the most beautiful spinach I’ve ever seen…

Beautious spinach

I purchased this spinach at the Union Square Greenmarket, I thought, “This is some really good looking spinach.” But I did not realize how truly stunning it was until I was plucking each perfect leaf from its stalk and tossing them into my salad spinner to wash. Such a color. What wonderful texture. So unblemished (and organic!). It was clear I had to share this spinach with the world.

After making my decision to spend entirely too much time in my kitchen with Luis’s camera, I turned this lovely spinach into one of my favorite salads (a variation of one first seen by me at Upper Crust Pizza in San Luis Obispo, CA about 14 years ago): spinach topped with walnuts (usually candied), apples, blue cheese and a raspberry/balsamic vinaigrette. Served of course with crusty bread and wine. Mmmmm, bliss.

Raspberry salad dinner

Update – 9/21: After the E. coli scare of late, I’m even more happy to purchase my spinach at the local greenmarket.

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