At long last…

I have avoided talking about my job search. I don’t enjoy searching, nor selling myself, but I try not to gripe about it in public as it certainly won’t help. Plus, the whole world could (in theory) read this. Now however, I can at least say, “I have a job!” and even better, “I like it!”

Last week commenced a crazy learning period, which I feel will probably run for a month or two, as I becom familiar with the job and people at Greenmarket, a program of the Council on the Environment of New York City. Without the jargon, I am now one of the people who help make the NYC farmer’s markets happen. Which, if you know me or have read anything else on my blog, will make a lot of sense.

I love food, I think access to quality food is important, and I want to be involved. I was lucky enough to time my job search to coinside with their need, et voila! Life is good.

It has meant that I’ve been spending less time reading blogs, visiting farmer’s markets (oh, the irony) or taking pictures of my food. Alas. I’ve been sticking to somewhat more simple, less photogenic meals of late. If you want photogenic, check out La Tartine Gourmande, where Bea makes me nearly mad with envy at her cooking, baking and camera skills.

So, toast along with me, here’s to employment! And wish me luck to keep track of the myriad pieces of information that are now my responsiblity to understand and route to my fellow food do-gooders.

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  1. Eunice says:

    hey, glad you got a job at somewhere you like. 🙂 that is great, even if it means you spend less time at farmers’ markets. 😛

    i have a love-hate relationship with food blogs. i love them in the sense that they are absolutely gorgeous, make you want to lick your screen, get inspired, etc. but sometimes i hate them because some of them can be out of reach (esp if you’re doing fancy french pastries). and fowler’s just closed here. 🙁

    however, i will be baking this apple roll for next weekend’s party from this blog:
    isn’t that scrumptious?

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