Lost words

I wrote a post just before heading off to visit family for the holidays. Now, I don’t know where it is. I appear to have failed some digital task such as pushing the “publish” button. Mostly, it was a note about Luis, and his very sweet acknowledgement that his exam period was a trial for me as well has him (in very different ways, and not nearly as hard for me as for him). He brought home a lovely poinsettia as part of his thanks.

With that post gone, my blog looks mighty empty for December. It’s not that I didn’t cook or think about writing, simply that my new job has had quite a steep learning curve. I have spent most of my energy learning, and then attempting to implement, several aspects of my job. Occasionally this has kept me late at work, and frequently has left me with little imagination for the dinner table.

I pulled out some old classics, which I hope to share here sometime soon, and stuck with many simple dishes that are not exactly photogenic. Hopefully this will not be the case, at least not as frequently, in the future.

This weekend I look forward to a visit from my mother, and perhaps some dessert play. There will definitely be good food, though with only my camera and not Luis’s, the quality of photos may be down. Such is life.  We’ll do our best.

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6 Responses to Lost words

  1. cheryl says:

    I love the look of your recipes…unfortunately the ingredient list comes through as all smashed together so I cant read the amounts. weird huh? It happens on the majority of recipes on this site. It happens on my home and work computers . I really REALLY want the brown rice risotto recipe. Can you help?

  2. It’s probably a browser setting, I have noticed it on computers other than my home computer. One suggestion would be to copy and paste the text. You should be able to do that even if you you can’t read it because things are squished together. I may take a look at reformatting my lists to give the ingredients more space. I hope this works, the risotto recipe is one I come back to frequently this time of year.

    I hope it works for you!

  3. Sandra says:

    Copying and pasting doesn’t undo the double vision of the ingredient list. It really can’t be read. It looks like one list of ingrediets typed over another. Do you have the information in another location. If so, would you please provide a link.

  4. I’m sorry for the formatting. Newer posts don’t have that problem. If you le tme know which recipe you’re interested in, I’ll send you the recipe. Thanks.

  5. Sharron says:

    Hi Krissa

    Re your Butternut Squash & Brownn Rice Risotto, would love to have a go but as stated by others your ingredients list is unreadable. Cut & Paste does not solve the issue.

    Would appreciate it if you could forward the ingredients and measures direct to me via my email.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi Sharon –

    I’ve finally (and very belatedly) fixed the formatting for the list on this recipe. It should be readable now. I’ll also send you the recipe. I hope you enjoy it!


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