Valentine Smiles

V-day tulips

One might think based on my lack of blogging that Valentine’s Day was not a big holiday for us. Well, that is true – we tend to think of it as made up silliness, an excuse for diamond sellers to put out sappy promotions. However, we still tend to acknowledge it. Indulging in chocolate, flowers, cookies, lovely dinners – these are things that should be done on a regular basis, and V-day can provide an excuse. This year our little celebrations lasted a week.

Luis pulled out some Chocolate Bar truffles on Monday (I was genuinely surprised!). There aren’t any pictures. We ate them. They were good.

On the actual day, Luis had other plans, so I made myself a dinner, and then attempted some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, in heart shape, for him. Unfortunately, it was my first try at that particular oatmeal cookie recipe, and they didn’t so much hold their shape. They did occasion lots of smiles and laughter. And they still tasted good.

Above, you see the beautiful tulips that arrived for me (a day late, thanks to a massive sleet/snow storm – lovely nonetheless).

On Friday, we had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant that was new to both of us, Dennis Foy. VERY tasty. We followed that with a nuevo Flamenco performance by Compañía Rafaela Carrasco as part of the 2007 Flamenco Festival.  (I enjoyed the modern aspects incorporated into the dancing, Luis found them distracting, watering down the passion and rawness of the form.)

It was a week full of fun bits, lots of smiles. More than anything else, it was an excuse to indulge, to do small (and large) things that say “I love you” and “I love what we do together.” A good week, if belatedly described here.

I promise my next post will be about food.

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