The Difficulties with Food Blogging

I very much enjoy reading food blogs.  They can be inspiring, informative and most importantly, beautiful.  My meagre attempts to do something similar have been hampered of late by the fact that I lost the cable I used to download pictures from my digital camera, and in my latest operating system upgrade, I became unable to download pictures from Luis’s camera.  So.  I have been cooking up a storm, and even documenting it, but am unwilling to share my culinary adventures without pictures.  Perhaps I should get over the need for pictures.  Or as Luis put it, “Buy a new cable.”  I new cable has been purchased, and hopefully, I will return to sharing kitchen exploits in the near future.  Of course, these pictures will only be from my feeble pocket sized camera, not the amazing, art-producing SLR in Luis’s possession, but they’ll be better than nothing.

Here’s to more pictures and food and stories.

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