10 years

I went home (meaning my home town in California) two weeks ago for my 10-year high school reunion. I admit, the reunion was more of an excuse to spend time at home than anything else, but it turned out far better than I expected. Aside from being held in a bar that had pretensions to being a dance club (and therefore played the music entirely too loudly) the actual event was rather fun. Everyone seemed genuinely glad to see the people who where there; there were many hugs and smiles and drinks bought. Even people who I’d barely spoken to in high school were more than happy to provide a 30 second “my life in a nutshell,” and ask for one in return.

Definitely better than expected.

Also, I got the chance to catch up with several friends with whom I had let communications lapse, and regretted having done so. I managed to have brunch with one the day after the reunion (before he drove back south to San Diego) and lunch with another who still lives in San Luis Obispo, but who has done a lot of travel in between then and now. These hour long conversations, and the ease with which they happened, were gifts I had only hoped to receive.

In addition, there were friends I have kept up with, but got to see in person, visiting time with my grandparents, seeing my wonderful nephews, and of course, the joy of being “home” – where everything feels comfortable and welcoming.

Other presents included the opportunity to take some of my dad’s pottery home and finally joining the Tablas Creek wine club. I’ve been looking forward to it since they day I found out we were moving to NY (where wine can be shipped to residences from CA).

There are stories to be told about my visit, and about the books I’ve read, and pictures to share – all in future posts. Now, I’m glad to be at this home, where Luis and I forge “daily life” anew.

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