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A Winter’s Soup, Southeast-Asian

After the celebrations of the holidays, and the holiday foods that go with them, January feels like somewhat of a let down. Winter has set in for good and the farmers’ markets, (if you’re lucky enough to have one that … Continue reading

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Yes We Can

The first step on the newest turn in our journey. Wishing hope to us all.

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Summer for Breakfast

There are a lot of things I love about summer, the long days, the warm evenings, the blush of outdoor fun on everyone’s skin. One of the things I love most about summer is the fruit. Succulent, juicy, colorful fruit. … Continue reading

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City Bees

This morning I had the privilege of meeting some of New York’s smaller and rarer denizens. David Graves, owner of Berkshire Berries and one of Greenmarket’s Producers, keeps hives on some carefully selected (and assiduously permission granted) roofs in New … Continue reading

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Early Summer Soup

It may not be early summer where you are, but here in New York, our seasons mostly align with the solar cycle. The Vernal Equinox heralded a string of warm, grey, drizzeling days during which the trees quickly sent out … Continue reading

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A dinner worth celebrating

On Friday night, Luis took me out for my birthday to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. While we have had many wonderful, great, fantastic meals in NYC, most of them I don’t blog about, because that’s what Bruni is for. … Continue reading

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The Difficulties with Food Blogging

I very much enjoy reading food blogs.  They can be inspiring, informative and most importantly, beautiful.  My meagre attempts to do something similar have been hampered of late by the fact that I lost the cable I used to download … Continue reading

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Salade chevre chaude (warm goat cheese salad) – aka an Accidental Greenmarket Dinner

I love warm goat cheese salads. Luis will attest to this, as he sees more order them in just about every restaurant where they appear on the menu. This obsession started in Paris when we met up for the first … Continue reading

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Being Spoiled for Dinner

I was a princess yesterday. Or, at least, wonderfully lazy and treated quite nicely. Luis, on his first day of spring break, decided that he would cook dinner for me. After a lazy morning, we headed down to the Greenmarket … Continue reading

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