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It may look like the control panel of some 1950s space-ship, but in NYC reality, it’s how I voted. It did provided a satisfying “kkerrrrr-chunk!” when I pulled the lever (not shown) to cast the votes I had just thrown … Continue reading

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Chihuly in New York

This past weekend Luis and I met up with friends Peter and Lizzie, and Lizzie’s wonderful mother, and caught the last day of Dale Chihuly‘s glass installations in the New York Botanical Gardens. We had previsouly seen his installation in … Continue reading

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Back from California

I spent the past week (Thursday-Thursday) in CA as the live-in help for my sister and her two 3 1/2 year old twins while her husband is away on business. This was an incredibly busy week and did not involve … Continue reading

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Grey Days & Catching the Sunshine

Yesterday when a stray beam of sunshine came through my window in the late afternoon, it was the first direct sunlight I’d seen in four days. Today is turning out much like the day before yesterday, unremittingly grey and on … Continue reading

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10 years

I went home (meaning my home town in California) two weeks ago for my 10-year high school reunion. I admit, the reunion was more of an excuse to spend time at home than anything else, but it turned out far … Continue reading

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The missing month

I managed to make it through the entire month of July without a single post. This is rather sad, especially as July was such a full month! Of course, that may explain the lack of posts… In a nutshell – … Continue reading

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