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Fall Food Fun – Quinoa Stuffed Carnival Squash

There is something irresitable about the lovely colors of fall squash. Bright greens and oranges, smooth tans, variegated or monochrome, I am always pulled to pick one up, even if I have other plans for dinner. Luckily, squash waits patiently, … Continue reading

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Omnivory and Orange Chicken

I have recently finished reading Michael Pollan’s The Ominvore’s Dilemma. It is a fascinating book. It did take me a while, but mostly becuase I needed to mentally digest things before moving on, not becuase it was too dense or … Continue reading

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A Dessert With No Pictures…

Last night we had guests, and in my excitement to serve a yummy dessert I forgot to take a picture! Alas! My brain has been addled by all my studying for the GRE…I can tell you about geometry and analogies … Continue reading

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Summer Squash Pesto Pasta

Yesterday there were beautiful pattypan squash at the greenmarket, mostly full-sized (3-4 inches across), but there were a couple cute babies hidden admidst the adults. I was inspired by their lovely yellow smallness to pick up a handful for some … Continue reading

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Pockety Pita

One could hardly be blamed, based on my recent lack of posts, for thinking that I have not been cooking much of late. However, one would be misled! It is merely that I have been too hungry upon dinner completion … Continue reading

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Canned Goodness

As I mentioned last post, I have been doing a lot of cooking and canning. Here are the results of my homemakerly adventures. It all started with beautiful tomatoes at the greenmarket. It seemed silly to let summer’s largesse pass … Continue reading

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