A sunny day – or my first “official” post on this blog

This morning on my ride to work I wished I had put my camera in my panier. The sun was drenching the world in bright pure light, and the tulips across the street were a red that caught the eye like a siren catches the ear. Unfortunately, the camera was upstair on the coffee table, and I had to get to work.

So, instead I enjoyed a wonderful spring bike ride, listening to a podcast that I’m trying to like. No comments on that now and jury is still out. I will unreservedly say, if you like science fiction, or short fiction, or just good stories, listen to Escape Pod. (It being Thursday, that was my audio interest on the way home – a very fun story.)

Mostly, I enjoyed the sunshine, the light off the Charles river, the trees in bloom (though not leafing out yet…in mid-April), air that didn’t require the three layers I had on. Spring has truly begun, and my mood is soaring, or at least it is on the sunny days. The longer days make it easier to stay at work, oddly enough. Working an extra half hour doesn’t seem so bad when it’s still sunny outside.

I don’t mind coming home to cook when my kitchen is still sunny at 7pm. Though to be honest, I hate missing the end of All Things Considered and Marketplace on NPR (though the radio goes off when On Point starts). I try to get home by 6 to get my afternoon dose of news as I unwind (or stretch my soar legs).

Tonight, I did create an exciting meal. I had some leftover “Orange Pork,” that I wasn’t terribly happy with, so I loosely followed a web recipe for “Curried Pork Stew,” leaving out the green pepper, adding extra curry and chickpeas along with the already cooked orange pork. After much stewing (well, only 1.5 hours) it was quite palatable. This one, I think I’ll keep. If you’re curious, here are the ingredients:

  • one medium onion
  • curry powder (a mix of sweet and hot)
  • two cloves garlic (could take more)
  • one can diced tomates
  • left over orange pork (probably ~ 1lb meat)
  • one can garbanzo beans/chick peas
  • cumin
  • salt and pepper
  • some Gulden’s mustard

It turned out pretty well, considering I was working with leftovers and not enough cumin. Also part of my dinner, spinach salad with goat cheese, cashews, cranberries and orange slices with orange juice mustard vinaigrette. MMMmmmmm. That one is thanks to my dad. Thank god for parents who have their children help cook! Now I know how to enjoy feeding myself.

There’s a taste of my life – biking and recipes and podcasts.  Hopefully I’ll get some archived posts up, and some thoughts on books.

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