Breakfast lunch and dessert

Today has been one of the first days that I’ve really wanted to walk around Cambridge. Warm and sunshiny enough to be inviting, cool enough to be pleasant. A perfect day to have brunch somewhere other than our apartment. Which meant that plans to meet friends at Carberry’s Bakery and Coffee House were perfect. I have to admit, I had not been there before, but an inspired whim took us to Central Square to meet and have the best pastries/muffins that I’ve had in Cambridge outside of my kitchen. What a treat!

After breakfast, a stop at Burdick’s was necessary – a part of every meeting with this set of friends – but Luis and I had over-consumed, and needed some time before more chocolate. So we walked from Central Square to Harvard Square, and still not feeling like hot chocolate, stopped in to a couple stores for some errands – books, a new bike helmet, new sunglasses to cut the spring-time glare. Even after the errands, chocolate sounded a bit overwhelming, so we took advantage of the Sunday closure of Memorial Drive and walked down the middle of the road to see just how far upriver of Harvard it is closed. As it turns out, the street closure only lasts one more (long) set of street lights, but plenty of distance for us to walk off breakfast.

Since it was heading towards lunchtime, we decided to stop for a lunch-like snack at Darwin’s. Darwin’s has the best lunch sandwiches in Cambridge, or so Luis and I can agree. (I personally believe they are the best sandwiches period, but it is debatable, with such challengers as Emma’s and the Black Sheep providing strong competition.)

After sandwiches, we finally wandered over to Burdick’s, where I opted for a “demi” sized hot chocolate. I must say, this felt (and still feels) like an incredibly decadent food day. Pastries, sandwiches and hot chocolate, all in one morning/early afternoon. But what a pleasant way to start a Sunday! And with a four mile walk tying it all together, I’m about ready for a nap.

Good thing I made tonight’s dinner yesterday afternoon….Asian flavors: tahini/lemon/soy/chili/ginger dressing on whole wheat linguine, tossed with lightly steamed broccoli, carrots, snow peas and red and yellow bell peppers. I love spring. Now time for a mid afternoon siesta.

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