My home computer (a laptop) has a small problem: its fan doesn’t work. This means, at random intervals, particularly when I’m doing something “strenuous,” such as using the web a lot, the processor overheats, and the whole thing shuts off with no warning.

This happened the other night as I was nearing the end of a post about music. It put me in a lousy mood and I haven’t dared write since then. So.

Hopefully I will do two things:

  1. I will feel inspired again to write about the great music that is availabe legally on the web, and
  2. I will remember that I have to save my posts after every sentence or two, in case my cpu gets finicky.

Until then enjoy what sunshine you have (there’s a little shining down on Boston, after last week’s rain)!

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2 Responses to Yarg

  1. Tony says:

    Was your ill-fated music post at all about eMusic? If not, you should definately check it out; high-bitrate MP3s of indie music at just 25ยข a song with 25 free songs if you sign up right now during a special promo they’re having.

    I had the same problem as you WRT my computer some years ago. It would work fine unless the CPU began beng taxed and then it would just lock up. I began really hating websites with flash content that used a lot of CPU cycles! I also hated apps that maxed out the CPU when they crashed.

  2. Hi Tony, I was actually thinking of the Podsafemusic network, http://music.podshow.com/, tons of music that is avaiable to be played for free on podcasts, or purchased by listeners. It’s an interesting model, and a great way for independent artists to get their music heard w/o having to pay a lable or radio station. Check it out when you have a moment.

    I have heard of eMusic, but haven’t made it over to look at it yet. I’ll try and make some time.

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